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Home Equals

The 1 billion people around the world living in informal settlements, such as slums or favelas, are not treated as equals.

Their homes don’t have basic services such as clean water. They lack land rights and are the most vulnerable to climate change. Their living conditions are unacceptable, a physical manifestation of inequalities holding back far too many families and communities.

A home without access to clean water, means that people–especially children–are at serious risk of contracting diseases. A home without land rights means families live in constant fear of eviction making it impossible to plan for the future. A home in a disaster-prone location, without sound construction and quality materials, means these communities are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events and the effects of climate change. And a home in an area with few avenues for active civic participation means it is hard for residents to have their voices heard.

At Habitat for Humanity, we know homes do more than reveal inequities–they can be a vehicle for confronting them as well. Remove the barriers standing in their way and innovative residents of informal settlements will tap into their ingenuity and improve the places they call home, creating benefits for themselves, their families and larger society. The people living in informal settlements are already doing their part, working together to create positive change. But grassroots initiatives, while powerful, can only go so far.

Governments must listen to residents of informal settlements and turn their ideas into action. Join us in advancing policies that unlock the potential of more than 1 billion people who deserve an equal shot at a decent home. Equity starts at home. Through secure land rights, increased civic participation, climate resilience and access to basic services, we can tackle poverty, improve health and education, promote gender and racial justice, and support economic growth for everyone.

That is why over the next five years, Habitat for Humanity will work to change policies to ensure a more equitable world where everyone has a safe and secure place to call home. Pledge your support today.

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Together, we can change policies and level the playing field for the 1 billion who are not being treated as equals.

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