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In a context where 8% of children in Northern Ireland attend integrated education, Habitat Ireland’s Change Makers programme provides a unique opportunity for pupils from diverse backgrounds to learn together. Every year, more than 200 young people participate on the programme.

Pupils from two partnering schools take part in:

  • 2 x 3 hour workshops

    Using experiential learning, pupils explore key social justice issues facing our communities and our world. They consider how they can be Change Makers in their school, community and world; bringing about positive change for those in need.

  • Fundraising Challenge

    Each programme is challenged to raise enough funds to help toward the cost of completing a house for a family in Malawi. A Habitat house in Malawi costs £2500 so we challenge pupils in each school to raise £1250. Fundraising is an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills while helping to change a families’ life forever. We have lots of resources to help get you started.

  • Volunteering onsite

    Pupils volunteer for one day on a local Habitat community building project. While working together in a practical setting, stereotypes are challenged and they make a positive contribution to their community.

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