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undefinedThe cost of a new kitchen is beyond the reach of many low income families and ReStore has a demand for good quality kitchen units and appliances. Habitat ReStore's Kitchen Rescue gives a new home to old kitchens. There is a demand for good quality kitchen units and appliances.

By working alongside local companies, Kitchen Rescue reaches out to customers who would consider donating their good quality, used kitchen to the Habitat ReStore. Habitat provides a service to kitchen donors and, by removing kitchens carefully, will rescue them for resale.

Benefits to You


• Link your business with a unique local and global charity brand
• Deliver on corporate social responsibility and community reinvestment
• Help deliver on your sustainability targets, tangibly increase your company profile and help more families in need build their way out of poverty.


• Help families in the local community access low-cost home improvement alternatives
• Divert tons of reusable waste from landfill, helping to secure a more sustainable future for Ireland
• Safe homes save lives. By donating your old kitchen you will help change the lives of families around the world.


Donate your old kitchen or connect your company with Kitchen Rescue:

Fill in the form here to get your kitchen rescue booked in: Kitchen Rescue Booking Form

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