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Funds raised in Ireland support Habitat Malawi’s work uplifting orphaned and vulnerable​ children, and their families, providing a solid foundation to build a brighter future for generations to come.


In Malawi, 4 out of 5 families live in poorly built homes made of mud bricks, dirt floors and grass thatched roofs. Homes constantly need repair and families are at high risk of disease.

The poorest are worst affected, including the 1.5 million children who are orphaned or vulnerable, largely as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

For thirty years, Habitat has been one of the few organisations in Malawi dedicated to improving the living conditions of families in need.

Funds raised in Ireland support Habitat Malawi’s work with orphaned and vulnerable children and their families, most recently serving 7 families in need. This holistic programme includes building safe homes and facilitating training on HIV and malaria prevention

Key statistics

  • 80% of families live in poor conditions

  • Over 1.5 million children are orphaned

  • Over 76% of the capital city Lilongwe live in slums

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