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Volunteers from across the community helped renovate Windsor Presbyterian’s church hall on the Lisburn Road. The project aimed to develop a strong community spirit among the wide range of groups involved. 

Jenny Williams, Chief Executive of Habitat Ireland, said: “Over the past 20 years, more than 28,000 volunteers have joined Habitat NI in mission to build a shared and sustainable future. In our experience working beside local communities, when volunteers from different backgrounds engage in practical projects, such as this one, barriers are broken down and meaningful relationships developed based on mutual respect.

“When the leadership of the church committed to invest in upgrading their hall they focused not just on the building but on what could be achieved through the project. It is about much more than four walls and a roof; it is bringing people together to build an inclusive, welcoming community which is at the heart of Habitat’s work,” Ms Williams continued.

The Reverend Ivan Steen, Minister of Windsor Presbyterian Church, said: “There is great diversity in the area surrounding the church hall. It’s the church’s aim for the hall to be a welcoming hub for all the community.  By working with Habitat NI on the renovation we have the unique opportunity to reach out to this diverse community. The relationships developed while working on the project will be key to the hall becoming a welcoming hub when the work is complete.”

Check out some photos of volunteers working on the hall below! 

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