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Each year, millions of people are displaced from their homes due to natural disasters, civil unrest and war. Communities are left homeless and struggle to rebuild their lives.


With the help of volunteers and donors we are able to support those worst affected by disasters, and be part of the work which rebuilds communities. 

The most basic of needs become scarce in emergencies, shelter, water, health, sanitatation. Habitat believes 'Home is the start of it', and safe, reliable shelter provides the foundation from which all of these things can begin to reemerge during the relief and rebuilding process.

We focus our response in several ways:

  • Housing needs arising from natural disasters and emergency conflicts, including sustainable shelter and housing solutions.

  • Education, training and partnership solutions to those in need of our relief services.

  • Expertise in technical information, program design and implementation, and disaster response policies, protocols and procedures.

  • Preventative support and information for disaster-prone areas.

  • Year-round preparedness efforts to ensure we are ready when something happens.

Pathways to Permanence

This blueprint allows us to guide individuals and families through the necessary steps in taking back more control of their living situation following a tragedy, including erecting an emergency shelter, accessing or affirming land rights, improving a transitional shelter solution, defining next steps for a disaster damaged house or expanding a new housing solution. Read more about our Pathways to Permanence scheme here.


Support communities around the world in rebuilding their lives.

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