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Photographs on are the property of Habitat for Humanity unless specifically expressed otherwise and are available for use only to Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers and their designates for Habitat for Humanity business purposes. Unless specified otherwise, Habitat for Humanity owns full and complete rights to these materials and grants their use for publication.

Use of these materials is intended for discussion of and presentation of the role and scope of Habitat for Humanity. They are intended only for use in discussion of or reference to the ideas, expressions or events of Habitat for Humanity and/or its affiliates.

Resources may be cropped and sized to your specifications and altered in colour and density and filtration to suit your needs, however, their content may not be altered in any way without express, written permission from Habitat for Humanity.

How to Credit Images: When used in print, on the web or elsewhere, images and videos should be credited to the photographer and Habitat for Humanity. A photo credit would look like this: Kim MacDonald/Habitat for Humanity.

It is our duty to respect the dignity and rights of our beneficiaries and volunteers, whatever the situation. Habitat for Humanity Ireland is signatory to the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages. If you would like further information about Habitat Ireland’s adherence to the Code, click here.

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