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Thousands of families have been displaced from their homes by severe flooding, caused by Cyclone Freddy.

Already, more than 180,000 people have been displaced by the disaster. Malawi was already experiencing the deadliest outbreak of cholera in the country’s history, with fears that the flooding could worsen the spread of waterborne diseases.

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Your support will make a difference

Habitat Ireland has a long-term partnership with Malawi, we are standing with our colleagues who are already on the ground, working in those areas most affected by the floods.

Habitat Malawi’s National Director describes Malawi as ‘a nation in distress’, our hope is that the Habitat family in Ireland will be there to help.

For more than 30 years, Habitat has been working with the most vulnerable communities in Malawi, building homes, implementing water & sanitation services, facilitating training & providing shelter solutions in the wake of disasters.

Whatever you could afford would make a difference, we urgently need your help to reach as many families as possible. Donate today.

Habitat's Response

Habitat Malawi is assessing the damage and supporting families being relocated to safer land designated by the Government. Habitat is also providing technical expertise to assist families in building transitional shelter units. Habitat will be distributing emergency shelter kits, as well as NFI and WASH kits. 

In the longer-term, Habitat will support long-term recovery efforts, based on our Pathways to Permanence approach.

The impact of flooding is immense and the hardest hit are those who were already vulnerable. Your support will make 

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