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Over 700,000 refugees have arrived into Romania, having fled the conflict in Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of war, Habitat for Humanity Romania have been supporting refugees to help them access safe shelter.

As well as continuing to provide support at the borders and train station Habitat for Humanity Romania is also refurbishing empty spaces to turn them into safe shelter for refugees arriving from Ukraine.

For 5 years, dormitory rooms at the Technical Construction University in Bucharest laid empty and unused. When the war in Ukraine began, the Technical Construction University realised the potential for these empty spaces to become decent housing and made the decision to partner with Habitat for Humanity to renovate and open the rooms to those who need a safe place to stay.

“Mothers urgently need access to a kitchen where they can cook for the little ones” – Roberto Pătrășcoiu, National Director at Habitat for Humanity Romania.

By partnering with the Technical Construction University and with support of the Municipality of Bucharest, Habitat for Humanity have successfully refurbished these empty spaces and turned them into decent and comfortable rooms. Importantly Habitat upgraded the insulation to ensure refugees are warm and added fully equipped kitchens and dining spaces as well as play areas for the children.

Already more than 200 refugees are staying in the dormitory rooms, the majority are mothers with over 70 young children.

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