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As the refugee crisis in the Middle East continues, millions of men, women and children are living in appalling conditions.

Over 50% of the Syrian population is now displaced. Over 5 million people have had to leave their homes and lives behind, and flee to escape war and persecution.

Families are forced to live in dark damp shelters, or cold bleak tents.

Habitat for Humanity is helping the most vulnerable, upgrading shelters, improving toilet facilities and supporting basic skill training. Small changes make life bearable and remind families that the world has not forgotten.

In December, we shared the story of Amal (right), who travelled alone with her four children, and had to live in appalling conditions in Lebanon.

"We didn't have any hot water. I couldn't find anything else for us. We lived that way for 4 years. Thank God, it's much better now."

Habitat is working in Jordan and Lebanon to upgrade homes and communities, to help give families like Amal's a safe place to live.

You can donate to support this work here. Read more stories from our Summer 2018 newsletter here.

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