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Access to land lies at the heart of ending poverty – without land, there can be no housing and housing is the key to stability and opportunity. Find out how Habitat's Solid Ground campaign has set out to make gender equality in land ownership and tenure security a reality.

undefinedDespite the fact women make up more than half the global population, produce the majority of the global food supply and perform 60-80% of the agricultural work in developing countries, women own significantly less titled land than men worldwide. Women still face gender-based legal barriers, preventing them from acquiring a formal title to land.

In many countries households headed by women are considered among the most socially and economically at risk- even more so if they lack secure tenure.

The Solid Ground campaign has set out to make gender equality in land ownership and tenure security a reality.

“Across Africa as well as many other parts of the world, the story is the same: Whoever owns the land is the one who calls the shots … Women inheriting land and gaining title is rare – too rare – especially when constitutions across the region saw both men and women are equal.” 

-Lynette Injette, country director, Habitat for Humanity Kenya

In Kenya, a country where women are too often excluded from official decision-making, young Maasai women are defending community resources from misuse, and changing land and property laws by using their voices in an unexpected way- via Facebook groups! Their page titled“The Village Voice” allows members to monitor community land rights and serve as whistle-blowers when a problem arises.They have captured the attention of local officials, receiving phone calls and sometimes face-to-face meetings with them.

The women have been successful in reforming governance of community land and natural resources, all the while improving gender and community relations.

Habitat Kenya are working to combat gender stereotypes and cultural issues that impact land rights.Habitat are conducting research and building platforms to inspire change in the lives of women.Building and developing close relationships with policymakers is a key to success, and will help to change the landscape for the women of Kenya.

Learn more about the Solid Ground campaign and sign our petition here.

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