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Raymond Ross has been volunteering in our Lisburn ReStore for almost a year. After being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, his counsellor suggested he start volunteering.

Raymond with ReStore Manager, Niall

Why did you sign up to volunteer in ReStore and how long have you been a volunteer?

I started volunteering almost a year ago, after I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. My counsellor advised me to get out and about, and try volunteering. I saw ReStore and thought it would be the perfect fit! 

What motivates you to keep coming back?

The company, the team and the staff are amazing, like one big family. I've grown so much since I've been here, I've really come out of my shell.

What skills, qualities or experience do you bring to ReStore?

I've volunteered in lots of charity shops before- so I do have retail experience!

What’s your favourite task?

Going out in the lorry is a definite favourite! Danny and Rab (the supervisors) are always great craic, and it's always a laugh!

What have you learned during your time in ReStore?

I've grown so much in confidence at ReStore! I would never have been able to talk to strangers or knock on someone’s front door for a donation collection.

What has surprised you about working in ReStore?

How welcoming everyone has been and how much I enjoy it! It's like I've known everyone for years!

What’s been your highlight so far?

Overcoming my depression. It's a long journey, but ReStore has directed me down the right path.

What has challenged you at ReStore?

Working on the tills has probably been the most difficult thing, it's not something I find easy, but now I have confidence I never had before!

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met in ReStore and why?

I couldn't pick one (I'd get in trouble!), everyone has been so welcoming and I wouldn't hesitate to talk to any of my fellow volunteers!

What’s the thing that inspires you most about Habitat’s work?

What they do is amazing. They help out in other countries, but also in out local community. It's inspiring.

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