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Jenny has been volunteering in ReStore Lisburn for 4 years. She felt an affinity with Habitat's ethos and wanted to give her time to support our work. Read about her ReStore experience below.

Why did you sign up to volunteer in ReStore and how long have you been a volunteer?

I began volunteering with Habitat because I love their ethos, of re-storing & re-using. All items are donated to the store, resulting in less waste going to landfill, as well as helping people to access good furniture and materials at an affordable, fair price. I've been volunteering in ReStore Lisburn for 4 years now.

What motivates you to keep coming back?

The tremendous sense of camaraderie from the whole team full-time staff & volunteers- everyone has something to offer, no matter how big or small. The bigger picture that Habitat facilitates people to have a home is a huge motivator for me.

What skills, qualities or experience do you bring to ReStore?

I would like to think I'm adaptable and able to help out on any task asked of me. Life experience has taught me to never be surprised at how little some people have in society, Habitat is a way of bridging that gap.

What's your favourite task?

I enjoy serving customers and letting them know how we value their support & custom, and also informing them of Habitat's work locally & globally.

What surprised you about working in ReStore?

I am constantly amazed at the quality & volume of donations- where would all this excellent stock go if Habitat did not collect and sell the items?!

What's been your highlight so far?

ReStore is becoming more busy every month, I love seeing how busy the store is, and my highlight is knowing I'm playing a part in that.

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