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After retiring, Arthur wanted a new challenge. Motivated by Habitat's mission and sustainability values, he came to ReStore and has volunteered for more than 4 years now. Read about Arthur's experience below.

Why did you sign up to volunteer at ReStore, and how long have you been a volunteer? 

Over many years, I have undertaken various volunteering roles. When I retired from work, I was looking for a fresh challenge, and two of my good friends told me about their volunteering experiences at Restore. Habitat’s aims of supporting vulnerable communities at home and abroad and helping to promote sustainability by diverting tons of material from landfill resonated with my Christian values and beliefs. I have been a volunteer for 4 years.

What motivates you to keep coming back? 

I enjoy the friendships I have made with the other volunteers and staff. I draw great satisfaction from helping to achieve the daily tasks assigned to me and my volunteer colleague, James, by the store team leader. I also enjoy helping our customers to find things in the shop or helping them to fit their purchase into their vehicles.

What skills, qualities, or experience do you bring to ReStore? 

I have great patience and a willingness to do whatever is asked of me.

What's your favourite task at ReStore?

Rearranging the existing stock on the shop floor to enable freshly donated items to be displayed for sale and trying to figure out what some of the more obscure items we receive are for.

What surprises you about working at ReStore? 

The range of items that are donated and the inventiveness of some of our customers in how they repurpose them to meet their requirements.

What’s a challenging task you've faced at ReStore? 

Reassembling donated kitchens and, in particular, getting the cabinet doors to hang properly!

Who or what inspires you the most at ReStore? 

The “ReStore Family” (staff, volunteers, and customers) as we all interact positively, helping each other thereby assisting our local community and those we assist in communities around the world.

What motivates you to continue volunteering at ReStore? 

Knowing that my time commitment volunteering is helping people locally and globally and that it is valued by the “ReStore Family”.


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