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Our second Lent devotion is from Karla Sandoval, international finance director at Habitat for Humanity International.

Do everything in love. — 1 Corinthians 16:14 (New International Version)

The command “do everything in love” is a short but powerful sentence that is both a blessing and a challenge.

I grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Costa Rica. Sometimes, when my mom didn’t have enough money to buy food for the day, she would pack up some fruits or vegetables, and we would sell them to our neighbors. Once we had enough money, we would go to the market to buy for the day. We occasionally met a family with greater needs than ours, and my mom gave away our products. I was always amazed and wondered why she did that when we needed the money, but she just smiled at me with her beautiful eyes full of love. I didn’t need any more explanation than that.

Whenever I think about the command “do everything in love,” my mind always goes to my mother’s eyes, and I remember everything she has done and continues to do because of love.

What does it mean to “do everything in love?” It is an invitation to incorporate love into every aspect of our lives. Can you imagine approaching every moment, every decision, every interaction with the thought of love in your mind?

As a part of our ministry in Habitat, it is essential for us to embrace the principle of doing everything in love and place it at the center of everything we do. This principle should guide us in our actions and goals and should be reflected in our services, programs, community initiatives and partnerships. It’s an opportunity to spread positivity and bring hope and dignity to the people we serve.

This principle encourages us to be more empathetic and understanding toward each other and to find solutions that not only address immediate needs but also empower individuals and communities with long-lasting support and care. It means taking a pause to appreciate the dedicated individuals who contribute to Habitat’s mission. It means thinking about ways in which love can be demonstrated within the team and creating an environment where each member feels valued, supported and encouraged.


Dear Father, as we reflect on Your love during the season of Lent and continue on this journey with Habitat, we humbly ask for Your guidance. May the command to “do everything in love” be more than words; may it become the heartbeat of our organization. Please bless us with the wisdom to serve with compassion, the strength to persevere in love and the humility to keep learning to love better. Amen.

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