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As we begin the season of Lent, it is the perfect time for reflection and self-examination

Dear God,

Help us individually and as a group to re-set our disciplines to use these 40 days of Lent – for self-examination; – for repentance and confession; – for struggle toward new ways to be obedient to Your will for us; – for practicing firm ways to love our enemies; – for praying for others:

– for those who prosecute us

– for those who love and support us

– for those with special needs of many kinds.


Help us learn better to live as Jesus lived:

– always ready to listen;

– never too tired or too preoccupied to help; – constantly living, not for ourselves, but for You, and thus for other persons.

Turn us in these directions today, as we prepare for Lent.

For the sake of Christ, in whose name and Spirit we pray.



Taken from Power Behind the Hammer, Habitat for Humanity's Senior Leadership Team at Prayer


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