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As our Lent Reflections continue Jason Vance reflects on how when we think hope is lost, God breaths hope into every situation and empowers our efforts to bring hope to others

The Scripture passage from Ezekiel 37:1–14 paints a vivid picture of both despair and hope. I am sure we have all faced times when we felt dried up and spent! Probably many more times, we have witnessed other people who have lost hope. This passage about dry bones may conjure up for us thoughts of majority-world countries where some people are extremely malnourished. However, all around the world — and even within our circles — we will find people who are suffering and seeking something in which to put their hope.

The amazing promise that Ezekiel offers us is that God has the power to make things new. As hopeless as a valley full of dried bones can appear, those bones can have life again. God not only wants to provide life, but wants us to live it to the fullest! We find more in this passage than just the breath of life. God also promises to give the people of Israel their own land. Not only can God create life from death, but God can also provide land when there isn’t any!

At Habitat for Humanity, we have the opportunity to provide hope to people by helping them obtain their own land. This is a powerful way for us to participate in the work God is doing to restore life and hope in the world! Even though we may not be able to provide an immediate miracle, we know the same God who breathes hope into every situation empowers our efforts.

When we provide hope for others, we are reminded of the hope God brings to us. At times, our jobs, our relationships, our church commitments and other areas of our lives make us feel dried up. In those moments, however, we can reflect on God’s life-giving power, and we can have confidence in God to breathe life into us. In turn, we can then share that life with others.


Lord God, we thank You for Your breath of life! Thank You for giving us confidence in the hope You provide. Please help us to share that hope with others who are struggling and feel cut off from You. Give us the strength to be Your hands and to bless others with the abundance You have given us. Amen.


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