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Cathy helped out in so many ways during her time with Habitat, both in the office and at events, and always with a big smile. We wish her well as she moves on to pastures new.


Why did you sign up to volunteer in Habitat?

I wanted to do something that would benefit others and not just myself. Something selfless, and Habitat seemed like the right cause for me.

How long did you volunteer with Habitat for?

1 year

What surprised you about working with Habitat?

That everyone was so kind and appreciative of the work I was doing. The staff were all so friendly and ready to help, it was a great environment to work in.

What skills did you gain during your time with Habitat?

I’ve always been a real perfectionist, but during my time at Habitat I stepped out of my comfort zone, and was doing so many different tasks. It was great to be doing something different each day, and not the same monotonous tasks.

What inspires you most about Habitat’s work?

The selfless aspect of what they do. Everything is done for others, either locally or globally, and the ethos of the organisation is one of inclusion and putting others before yourself.


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