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This summer, GMIT’s Habitat for Humanity Society volunteers spent two weeks volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in Zambia. They worked alongside two families in the community of Chipulukusu, helping them to build their own safe and decent homes.

In June 2017, a group of ten students from GMIT’s Habitat for Humanity Society travelled to Chipulukusu, Zambia to help Matilda Chilufya and Mary Banda build homes for their families. These two homes were built under Habitat for Humanity Zambia’s Orphans and Vulnerable Groups programme, which provides housing, sanitation, education and support services to families in communities in Ndola and Lusaka.

“My favourite memories were seeing the progress of the house, the children in the village and how happy they were to see us, and living within the community as a whole.” – Nanci Page, GMIT volunteer

“I really enjoyed the work, and the builders were very patient and helpful. The closing ceremony was an unreal experience – it will stay with me forever.” – Eileen O’Hara, GMIT volunteer

“It showed me that I should be so very grateful for all the opportunities available to me in this country and take every opportunity with both hands. Also, to be grateful for the smaller things in life. Things that truly matter.” – Antoinette Canavan, GMIT team leader

“I hope our volunteering efforts will make long-term, positive impacts in these families’ lives by giving them a safe, secure place to live, which is something we take for granted every day.” – Aisling Keane, GMIT volunteer

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