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When we met Jika Laston (18) from Malawi, she was looking after her little sisters Dora & Lucy as best she could in a small unsafe hut. The hut didn’t have any windows or a secure door, the bricks cracked easily and the roof, made from grass thatch was in constant need of repair.

undefinedJika and her sisters suffered from skin irritations and malaria. Without access to a clean, safe toilet, they also suffered greatly from diarrhoea which once almost killed them.

When Jika’s family moved into their Habitat home their whole lives changed (pictured below). The safe structure with proper ventilation improved their health dramatically. Jika has a door that locks, so she can sleep soundly in her bed at night without fear. Now with access to a clean toilet they’re free from diarrhoea and have much needed privacy.

Jika’s Habitat home has brought hope, health, security and happiness.  Jika now even has plans to go back to school. “I am the happiest person in the society. Many thanks to Habitat for the greatest gift ever, may God bless you’ says Jika.

We also provided Jika with training on how to take care of her home and how to use and maintain mosquito nets. As well as giving her the support she needed to write a will and HIV/AIDS training to help keep her safe for the long term.

Jika now has a solid foundation for building a brighter future for her and her little sisters.Habitat works tirelessly to help families like Jika’s, to give a hand up so they can help themselves. Read more about our work in Malawi.

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