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Meet Vicheka and En Phom, two inspirational Habitat homeowners from Cambodia

Meet Vicheka and En Phom

Vickeka is just one of Cambodia’s estimated 750,000 orphans. Vicheka lives with her grandmother En Phom in a small wooden shack after her father died and her mother left her as a baby. During the rainy season, the tin roof of their shack leaked and flooding from the nearby pond encouraged mosquitoes carrying malaria. With no proper sanitation facilities, Vicheka and her grandmother were forced to use the outdoor space as a toilet and were in a daily struggle to survive. Illness and stigma has made life difficult for them both but Habitat has been able to help by providing a safe and healthy home, a decent latrine, mosquito nets and land security. One day, Vicheka dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can care for people the way others have cared for her.

War, disaster and HIV / AIDS are devastating countries and resulting in millions of orphans and vulnerable children, leaving families and carers in dire need of shelter, food and health care. By making a donation, you can help Habitat to give a ‘hand-up’ to people just like Vicheka and En Phom, who long for the safety and security which a simple, decent home can provide.

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