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Hear directly from Roger Cañadas Rodriguez who volunteered with Habitat ReStore through the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The European Solidarity Corps programme has been immensely positive for Habitat, and for the communities we serve through Habitat ReStores and our House to Home programme. Volunteers from across Europe provide hands on help for local people and the programme offers an enriching experience for the young people as well as our staff team and other local volunteers.

1) Why did you sign up to volunteer in ReStore and how long have you been a volunteer?

I come from Catalonia, so it was an opportunity to learn English for me and to feel as though I was doing something useful.

2) What skills, qualities or experience do you bring to ReStore?

I am versatile and I am a very fast learner. I think these two qualities are very helpful because as volunteer you have to do so many different tasks every day.

3) What’s your favourite task?

My favorite task is to work in the electrical item testing area because it's a new thing for me. Every day I learn more and above all I am enjoying myself so much.

4) What have you learned during your time in ReStore?

A lot of things! I have learned about the value of the items and how to price them. I have also learned how to fix furniture when it's broken.

5) What has surprised you about working in ReStore?

When I started at ReStore I was very surprised at the generosity of the people. When I do the collections in the lorry, we receive great quality furniture that without ReStore would have ended up dumped otherwise!

6) What has been your favourite memory?

Once I fixed a table that destined for the trash and we sold it for eighty pounds! It was a very worthwhile experience and made me feel very good.

7) What’s the thing that inspires you most about Habitat’s work?

To give second life to a lot of furniture and help people in need to find furniture at low prices is the most inspiring thing about the charity.


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