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Big Build 2019 is underway. In 1 week, the team will build 10 homes beside local families, supporting Orphaned and Vulnerable children in the community. This is Leginati, one of the beneficiaries, read her story below.

Leginati, who is 86 years old, is taking care of 5 children, on her own. The children she looks after are her grandchildren, and she is their sole carer. The family depends on finding casual labour or piecework to make a living.

Their current house is not suitable to live in. It has a grass thatched roof, floor made from mud and it gaps in its walls. The condition of the house, specifically the floor makes it easy for the family members to suffer from disease. They are frequently sick, because of the place they live. 

The family also do not have access to clean water at their house. They are forced to use a communal pit latrine, as they do not have a latrine of their own. This is dangerous to their safety, especially those of the younger girls.

As part of Big Build 2019, Leginati will work alongside volunteers from across Ireland to build a safe & secure place, that she can call home.

This World Habitat Day, raise your voice for families like Leginati's, who are still fighting for their right to safe shelter.

Sign our Build Solid Ground petition here and be a part of this life-changing work next year, by signing up for Big Build 2020 now.

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