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Life journeys of women all around the world start at home. Some are more challenging than others. But all the women share an unbreakable will to live in decent conditions. Read Jane's story below.

Loans help build independence

Across 10 countries in Africa, only 12 percent of women, on average, report owning land individually.

Jane lived in Kenya with her three brothers in the family property where they had all been raised, but as a woman she had no claim to inherit any part of the land. She was forced to leave, losing a roof over her head.

Around the world, millions of women face problems similar to Jane’s.

She resolved to improve her circumstances. While working at a school cafeteria, she started her own buslness selllng seeds and seedlings - a promising venture in a country where agriculture is still important. In 2009, Jane took out her first microloan to expand her business. With the money she saved from the business, she took out another loan and bought a piece of land. In 2015, she started building her house on that land, and moved in a year later. 

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