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Gillian Cameron, Admin Officer, has worked at Habitat for more than 6 years. She shared her story with us to raise her voice for women who are still fighting for the right to shelter.

Home is where your memories lie.

Home is where I learnt to walk and talk. Home is where I learnt the difference between right and wrong. Home is the place I am most myself. Home is where I fell down the stairs, closed my hand in the garden gate, cut my own hair when no one was watching. Home is where I celebrated birthdays, milestones and special occasions.

Home is where I was able to grieve for the loss of my mum.

Coping with the loss of someone you love is one of life’s biggest challenges but I found hope and comfort in having a safe and secure place to call home. Hope that things would get easier over time and comfort that the warmth and familiarity of home remained constant when everything around me was changing. A place to go to deal with the physical and emotional pain of grief while being supported by those I love. A place that love and memories radiate from every room.

But millions of women around the world, don't have somewhere to grieve. Somewhere they feel loved. Somewhere safe.

This October, as part of the inaugural One World Festival NI, Habitat will launch a photo exhibition, to highlight the inequalities in housing faced by women around the world.

Share YOUR story with us, and raise your voice for those women facing challenges around the world. We would also love to have you join us for the launch of the exhibition learn more here.

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