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Arthur has volunteered in ReStore Lisburn since 2020 and his wife Imelda also volunteers in ReStore! He was the recipient of a ReStore Gold Award alongside fellow volunteer James in 2022. Read his Advent reflection below:

Advent marks the beginning of the countdown towards Christmas and TV and radio adverts remind us daily about how many shopping days are left.

For many people this means they busy themselves with shopping, writing cards, picking and putting up decorations and choosing and wrapping presents. These are activities we will all be familiar with.

It is all too easy with the seasonal music, coloured tinsel and bright lights to get wrapped up totally in the commercial aspects of Christmas and therefore miss the opportunity Advent provides for each one of us to reflect on our lives and prepare for the birthday of our Lord.

During Advent I like to find some quiet time alone to think about what I have done during the past year and more importantly what as a Christian I have failed to. This helps me to prepare spiritually for my journey towards the feast of Christmas.

Advent coincides with the transition from autumn to winter. The promise of the spring following winter gives me hope that I can dispel the failings in my life and become better in the year ahead. Reflecting thoughtfully and honestly and affirming to try again gives me great peace. The coming of the Lord fills me with joy and this is complemented by his never-ending love and forgiveness.

Enjoy the trappings of Christmas but take a few moments to think about its true meaning and how the coming of the Lord can help you.


Father you love us unconditionally open our hearts and minds to the gift of your Son and your love so that we may love one another always. Thank you for organisations like Habitat which allow us to show your love to others in a practical way.


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