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This summer Ava led a Youth Build team to Romania, supporting Habitat's work in the most vulnerable communities in the country. Read her Advent reflection below:

“Compassion is not just pity and tears, but true Godly compassion moves you to action.”

I heard that quote when I was sixteen on an outreach trip to India. Two decades later that quote still resonates within me.

This summer our team of twenty energetic Youth Builders went to Romania to put action to our compassion. We spent our days building roof rafters, painting, and clearing land with the expectation that we were a part of something bigger than ourselves. Through the mission of Habitat and our volunteers, families would soon have a safe home to call their own. While it is easy to see the action in “Going” we cannot forget the action in “Sending”, “Volunteering” and “Supporting.”

All forms of action are vital to share the love of Jesus with the world. 


In this season of Advent, may our actions reflect the love and compassion of Jesus. Let us not only be hearers of the Word but let us put it into action! (James 1:22)  The tendency is to think of “action” as being big gestures, but personal responses like being a listening ear, offering a compassionate hug, or giving a warm smile all reflect the love of Jesus. While at the dinner table, shopping, or walking through town let our eyes be open to ways that we can love those around us.



Lord, Thank you for this season of Advent to reflect on and celebrate the birth of Jesus! Open our eyes to ways that we can show others Your love. May our compassion not just be limited to emotions, but that it overflows into being DOERS of your Word. 

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