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At Habitat NI, our Global Village programme is the beginning of a journey. Once individuals return home from their global volunteering experience, we hope they’ll come back fully inspired to end poverty housing, and continue to help Habitat build every day. Read the inspiring stories below from some of our regular givers.

Matt's story


Matt Gamble became involved with the work of Habitat NI in 2015 when he led a Youth Build team to Pszczyna in Poland. His team helped refurbish a hostel which is used to run support sessions for men and women who struggle with addiction. After participating in our Global Village programme Matt decided to become a long-term supporter of Habitat NI by donating every month.

“We had a team of twenty one young people, it was such a privilege to serve with them and the experience of working alongside the local men and women in Pszczyna had a big impact on me. We heard the testimonies of men who had lost family as a result of their addictions, but had found hope in the work of Habitat for Humanity - their lives had been turned around. 
I believe it is paramount to reach out and help others in need and the experience of seeing it first hand in Poland led me to support the work of Habitat NI. By giving a little every month I can continue to make a difference”.


Sharon's story


“I first got involved with Habitat when I was a student at Queens University. I travelled to Cape Town South Africa and took part in a build on a township called Masiphumele. The rich/poor divide was something I had never experienced to that extent before and it really inspired me.

In 2014 my friend and I led a team to Ethiopia. Everyone in the team realised the importance of Habitat's work, yes on a global level, but more importantly on a personal level. We weren't helping some people in a foreign country have a place to live - we were helping our friend Varko move out of squalid conditions and allow his family to rest in a safe, dry home. We were welcoming our friend Asnake into the comfort of a home with a door that locked for the first time. That is the beauty of Habitat - a global organisation that changes the lives of individuals.

When I came home I realised going on the odd trip would never be enough! I signed up to contribute monthly via direct debit, it was so simple to do. It has been the easiest thing to continue to support Habitat’s work, every day and I can't say enough how much I value having even a small connection to such an amazing charity!”

If you have been inspired and would like to start a monthly donation, whether you've been a global village volunteer or not. Please click on the monthly donation tab below. Thank you for your support.

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